Do Cows Make Good Pets?

At some point when you’re on a walk and pass a nearby farm, or you see cows in a pasture while you’re driving, it might get you thinking: “Do cows make good pets?”

To help you decide whether cows make good pets read on to find the answer that might astound you.

Do cows make good pets?

Yes, they do. Cows can be human’s good pets and can fill our life with much joy thanks to their 5 amazing traits: intelligence, friendliness, great longevity, popularity, and being good-looking.

Cows are trainable and intelligent

Have you ever been told that the cows are dumb? Contrary to popular belief of cows being silly, they are brilliant and have learning capacity.

Cows have significant-good memories to recognize faces even after a long period. Cows never forget where to find the best grazing spots and head towards their favorite watering hole. And if feeding time is 4 p.m, they are aware of the event and get ready by standing exactly in line.

Besides, cows like solving problems, and once resolved, they’ll often jump in the air, as if they are yelling: “I made it.”

If you get a cow when it is still small, it is much easier to train them. As long as you treat them with sincerity and love, they respond well and can be taught to play with their owner. You can start to get familiar with it by touching and petting it. This may take several weeks, so be patient.

Once the cow trusts you, you can apply traditional reward-based training regimens to train your pet.

Cows are friendly

cows are friendly

Cows are considered to be friendly.  If the cows stay calm, you can get close to them. Like people, cows seek pleasure and love to play. If they are released after being locked for so long, they will be running and jumping happily.

Much of their behavior depends on how they are nurtured, so the way they are raised often plays an essential role in how friendly they will be.

It is not surprising that the cows are entirely open to interacting with kind people, especially if some petting and rubbing are involved. If you have never had a rub your cow’s belly, you should try as cows love attention.

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Cows have great longevity

The average lifespan of dairy cows is from four to seven years. In some cases, cows’ lifespan can be up to 21 years if they are not slaughtered for the meat and dairy industry. It means that the cows can accompany us for a very long journey.

To lengthen the cow’s lifespan, do not worry as the process is not complicated. Nowadays, it is easy to find out cow caring tips that can suit your needs.

Even if you’re keeping just a single cow, you’ll also need to have a safe and sturdy shelter for her. Sanitary housing, good quality pasture will significantly reduce the health problems of your cow. Moreover, you should pick yours based on what nutrients your cows need and what is popular in your area.

Cows are good-looking and smell good

cows smell good

When someone mentions a cow, “cute and warm” are probably the very first adjectives to pop into your head. They are large in size but gentle in nature.

Besides, the smell of cows is comfortable to the owners, which might not annoy their neighbors. Just as cats have a distinct and wonderful “cat” smell, cows have a different and wonderful “cow” smell.

It is not hard to choose a suitable cow

There are numerous choices of cows out there that can fit your criteria but first, consider your resources (your budget, land area, etc) and how you will use the cow.

Next, spend some time grasping some knowledge about the cows you want to pick. To choose a healthy cow, you can pay attention to these good traits: body weight, a shiny coat, clear eyes, and a clear nose. Then with careful consideration, you will be able to select the best cow for you.

Go ahead and have your cow!

“Do cows make good pets?” is no longer the hard question to respond to if you come to this article’s end line. We hope that it’s relatively easy and enjoyable to keep one pet cow because of its unique traits. So go ahead, have a cow, and enjoy the ultimate hobby-farm pet.

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