How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water?

Water is a basic need for life. Like other livestock or animals, chickens need water to survive. So, how long can the chickens go without water? Knowing the answer will help you have the right breeding regime to keep your chicken always healthy.

How long can chickens go without water?

Chickens can go without drinking water for 2 days.

In warmer conditions, this time may be shorter. For example, in a hot climate, if you do not supply the chickens with water for 8 hours, they may die.

Hens that lack water may stop laying eggs for 2 weeks.

Chicks are often very fragile and need more care. They can only live without water for 6 hours. So, make sure they always have enough water, especially in warm weather.

Why do chickens need water?

chickens need water


Water plays a very important role in the survival of chickens. Chicken needs water to stay hydrated and convert nutrients into energy for its daily activities. In addition, chickens also need water for seasonal activities such as hair removal.


Chickens need water to moisten the food. Chickens cannot live long without water because their vital organs dry out. This makes them unable to moisten the food. As a result, digestion will be stopped, chickens do not have enough nutrients for the body.

Waste removal

Waste is more easily expelled when it is moist. Water will help the chicken to moisten the food and also foreign substances to enter their digestive system.

Chickens are omnivores, they can eat anything that fits their beak. Supplying the chickens with enough water ensures that any food can be easily eliminated from the chicken body.

Temperature regulation

Water helps the chicken to regulate the temperature. As a result, your chickens will always feel cool, healthy, and can run and jump around even under hot weather.

Without regular water, they cannot cool themselves and will stay in the shade and refuse to go out.

Egg formation

Not only chickens can’t live long without water, but chicken eggs too. Chicken eggs are made up of 70% water. During the egg-laying stage, the lack of water prevents the eggs from developing or even injuring.

Besides, as mentioned above, a lack of water can prevent hens from laying eggs for a period of time.

How much water do chickens need?

You need to give your chicken an average of 180 ml to 250 ml of water per day. The amount of water in chicken drinks can be changed by many factors.

Chickens raised in cold climates drink less water than in warm places. The same goes for chickens that are kept outdoors and indoors. Outdoor chickens can drink twice the amount of water compared to indoor ones.

In addition, broiler chickens have a fast growth rate, so pay attention to providing enough water for it more often.

Tip for watering chickens

watering chickens

Here are some tips on how to provide enough water for chickens and keeping the water always clean.

– Use elevated water tanks to ensure your chickens do not become contaminated while they drink water.

– Provide two or more sources of water to large flocks to make sure none of the chickens get thirsty.

– Always keep water in the shade to limit evaporation and prevent the water from getting hot.

– You should place water tanks out of sight of wild birds or animals. This prevents your chickens from becoming dehydrated by other animals.

– Sometimes, mix a little apple cider vinegar in chicken water. This will be very helpful for their digestion.

Last Words,

After this article, we learned that chickens can go without water for 48 hours. However, pay attention and do not let your chickens become dehydrated for too long. Hopefully, this article will be useful and help you consult a lot of useful information to keep your chickens always healthy.

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