What Are Tractors Used For?

Tractors are essential and indispensable tools for the farmer. To optimize economic benefits, users should clearly know their function. So, what are tractors used for? Read on to discover 13 usages of tractors.

What are tractors used for?

1. Brush hogging

Brush hogging is the most basic use of a tractor. It will help you to clear weeds and remove the brush. This is important for your pasture or trail maintenance. In this case, a tractor with a brush hog attachment 5-6 feet wide can be quite suitable for your jobs.

2. Land clearing

If your garden has a lot of rocks, trees, or brush to release, this is the time when the tractor comes into play.

The tractor will provide the muscles to lift, pull and move heavy objects. The front-end loader is useful for pushing, lifting, carrying brushes, and logs. For heavier items, you can use the rear carrier. It has great lift capacity, and a strong rear axle should accommodate the heavier weight.

tractor land clearing

3. Mowing

Lawn mowing is the most common job for a tractor. Each tractor has an attachment. It can help you get rid of clean cuttings or regular small grasses.

If you have a large grassland with rocky terrain, you can use the rotary cutter attachment for handling. It can cut thick, long grass and even withstand gravel and large rocks.

4. Cultivating

Plows, discs, seed drills, and tillers are exactly what you need to do to your field. All of these things are very hard to do manually. However, you can change everything with a tractor. You can work intensively on your property, and create a small garden for yourself by getting benefit from your tractor.

tractor Cultivating

5. Livestock care and feeding

A tractor with the right implements and tires allows you to get fodder, move or lift large bales of hay without wasting much time.

Another use of a tractor is to handle round bales of hay. In this way, you can save lots of money in the long run because hay is quite cheaper to buy in this form than in square bales.

Furthermore, a farm tractor with a front-end loader is invaluable when you need to transport a downed cow or other injured livestock.

6. Emergency transport

One value of tractors is emergency transport. When natural disasters such as tornadoes or floods occur, it is difficult for pickup trucks to move. At this time,  they become the optimal means of transportation for you.

A tractor with large wheels can plow mud and climb over debris in the middle of the road. Besides, the front-end loader can move debris and makes your move easier and quicker.

7. Landscaping

Tractors are essential in many jobs such as building a fish pond, retaining walls, or planting trees to beautify your home.

The front-end loader and rear lifters can move rocks and fill the soil. The blade can sculpt the ground.

You can also fit a rock roller in the front of your tractor to compact the dirt on the driveway. In this way, you get a hard, durable surface that does not even need paving.

8. Fence building

Building a fence is very hard work. All the steps such as wire rods, carrying steel posts, stretching the steel wire, corner posts, or digging post-holes take a lot of your work. For now, let the tractor help you with a steel rod mounted to the back of it. This steel rod acts as a spindle to roll out the wire while you drive down the fence line.

tractor fence building

9. Construction projects

You can take advantage of tractors in many construction projects. With a hole driller, you can dig holes for a pole barn or setting a mailbox at the end of the driveway.

You can put a backhoe on the tractor, then use it to dig the foundation, remove gravel and sand.  Especially,  loader with forks can make quick work of unloading heavy materials such as cement, roofing materials, steel, or wood.

10. Handle firewood

If you want to cut firewood, you can drive the tractor to the location, use the front-end loader to bring all the firewood home with ease.

If you want to cut down big trees and chop them into firewood, a tractor with hydraulics can do it for you. Furthermore,  you can use a firewood processor to cut and split logs at the same time

11. Harvesting

A tractor will be indispensable when harvesting your crop. All heavy work such as transporting paddy, fruit, or hay can be assigned to it.

In addition, you can also combine the tractor with other machines such as lawn-mowers, rakes, or square balers to make the harvest tasks easier and faster.

12. Snow removal

You will find the greatest benefit of tractors during winter days when heavy snow-falls. A tractor with a front-end loader and a blade can help you dig and clear the snow on the road. It can provide access to the barn or even pull cars or people out of large snow piles.

tractor snow removal

13. Backup power

In the case of a power outage, the tractor can be used as a generator. Connect the 110 V inverter to the tractor’s battery, which will produce a power supply for you to run communications equipment, lights, computers, and any other electrical tools you need.

Final words

Through this article, we have known how tractors are used. Buying a tractor is essential to a farmer, but how to get all its benefits is also important. Hopefully,  you will find useful information through this article that you can apply to your farm works.

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